New HUGE city mobile website

HUGE city the website that allows you to see all of the Facebook events happening around you all over the world has created a mobile website so it is easier to use HUGE city on your phone.

When you land on HUGE city on your phone, you are given a choice on how far you are willing to travel. ‘Walk’ shows you whats happening a few blocks from you. ‘Bike’ shows you what’s happening in your neighborhood. And ‘Drive’ shows you everything in the city. We are basing the city size on Atlanta’s 285 perimeter loop or as we like to say ITP (Inside the Perimeter).

HUGE city mobile landing page 

You are then taken to a list where you can see less or more events by hitting walk, bike, drive. When you hit an event you are given three more choices: main, about, and map. Main gives you the basic information for the event. About shows you everything that was written in the details section on the Facebook event. And map shows you a map of all the events walking distance from that event.

HUGE city mobile List HUGE city mobile event page 

When you see the map you can touch the red event markers to see the title of the event and touch the title to see more about the event. Some of the events are very close together so when you touch them they “spider” out like a web so it is easier to interact with them. 

Finally, we have added an easy search page. Search for a specific event by it’s name or a new city by typing it into our search bar.  Change your dates to today, tomorrow, this weekend, or this week. Change your ordering to score, most attended, or date.  Our events default to how many stars they have received on the main website. This feature will be available on mobile soon.

HUGE city mobile map HUGE city mobile search

Check out our new HUGE city mobile website today and the next time you are looking for something to do.

See all of the Facebook events happening around you on HUGE city!

posted by Hugh Malkin